Nnemelu Shalon

A 100 level Student of University of Nigeria Nsuka(UNN), Nnemelu Shalon, has gone missing after the death of her boyfriend.

Shalon, a 100level student of department of Library science went missing after she made a Facebook post of committing Suicide few days after the death of her boy friend a 400 level student in the same institution.

Chukwuemeka Akachi(The boyfriend) committed suicide by drinking two bottles of sniper.

In her last post on Facebook she wrote “Have you ever wonder if death is sweet”.

The president of the department confirmed this information.

He wrote, With utmost respect and plea, we the department of Library and Information Science beseech to all Lion and Lioness of this great institution to please join in the frantic search of one of our one, Nnemelu Shalon Ifeoma, 100L student of Library and Information Science whom has gone missing since early this morning. We beg on all Faculty, Department, Group and the entire student of this great institution, University of Nigeria, Nsukka to join in the search

Takeoff Venue: Department of Library and Information Science (beside Dept. of Political Science)

Time: 6am

Please help broadcast the message to all you can get to… #HelpSaveShalon #HelpSaveIphey #HelpSaveASoul

From the department of Library and Information Science

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