While the armed forces in a nation, particularly the Military are seen as the heroes in whom citizens place their trust, despite the heavy sacrifices made by the Nigerian military and the lives of soldiers lost in battle, the Zamfara state government has taken a very desperate move to end insecurity in the state.

The Zamfara State Government has revealed plans to patronize 1,700 local charmers to fight insecurity in the state.

The state commissioner for local government and chieftaincy, Alhaji Bello Dankande, on Wednesday said this #at a security meeting with traditional rulers and Fulani leaders. He added that 100 local charmers will be recruited from 17 emirates across the state.

He stressed that insurgency would no longer be tolerated in the state. He mentioned that the Army Headquarters launched Operation Harbin Kunama 3 in Zamfara state last Monday.

He added that both the Federal and State government were working hard to make sure there’s no more record of insurgency in the land.
“If we recall, we earlier met with Fulani leaders in the state; we gave them the assignment to go and consult with their members who are involved in banditry and criminal activities.”

The Emir of Gusau, Alhaji Ibrahim Bello, said chiefs would work hand in hand with the state government to eradicate crime and insurgency in the state.

He said: “As custodians of our people’s culture, we have a vital role to play in addressing so many problems in society. We are partnering at the emirate level with various stakeholders.
Photo Credit: Prime Post
He concluded saying that his cooperation with the government at all levels and security agencies in fighting criminal activities is assured.

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