Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Babachir Lawal has revealed that the loyalty of Adamawa state governor, Jubrilla Bindow to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar made the All Progressives Congress, APC lose both the presidential and governorship elections in the state.

Lawal made the allegation in an interview with Sun newspaper on Saturday.
He also spoke on the reason the APC lost in th state even with the presence of wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, the SGF, Boss Mustapha, Governor Bindow, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and others

Lawal said, “I don’t know. We tried our best. Big names don’t mean big votes. We went into this election as a divided party in the state. It has been so for almost two years and you would recall that most of the so-called big names you mentioned had protested the way and manner the party was being run.”
He also accused Governor Bindow of hijacking the party from the hands of leaders in the state.

“The governor who hijacked the party structure and his loyalists and which we said was being run wrongly. And we had protested this over and over. I led several delegations to the national party chairman with some of these members you just said in the group, to complain about the manner the congresses were being organised.

“So, we were doing this being mindful of the fact that the presidential candidate of the PDP is an indigene of Adamawa State; a man who at one time won the governorship election of the state before he migrated to become the vice president of the country. This is by no means a small position, and obviously, would have some supporters in the state.

“And he will be, maybe not desperate, but he will deploy enormous resources to see that at least, he wins his state. This is the norm in every country where politics like ours is being played.

“So, it is not therefore surprising that the president didn’t win, but he didn’t lose either because the margin was very small and it is thanks to the combined efforts of these people you have mentioned that we were able to reduce the margin to what people call almost insignificant level,” he said.

According to him, Bindow who was the APC governorship candidate had on numerous occasions pledged his loyalty to Atiku both directly and indirectly, through his aides.

He also said seven commissioner in the governor’s cabinet are close to the former vice president.
He said, “Part of what led to this outcome was a historical position that the government of Bindow had on several occasions publicly declared that their government was a government of Atiku.

“It is on record that in so many fora, his supporters, his henchmen had said it in his presence and he didn’t take any step to deny it. I remember at one of their road launching somewhere in Adamawa State, the then-led Chief of Staff, made a long speech in which he insisted that Adamawa State Government was for Atiku.

“Now, we did also point out the fact that the governor himself had claimed that it was Atiku’s money that facilitated his victory at the polls. He had said that on several occasions.

“We have also had cause to protest that in Bindow’s government, there were about seven serving com- missioners who were very close to Atiku, including his own daughter.

“Without regard to their merit as qualified indigenes, but I mean, their political inclinations in normal politics will disqualify them from participating in an APC government. But the governor didn’t think so.”

Lawal further said that for the APC to reclaim Adamawa state from the hands of the PDP who won through governor-elect, Ahmadu Fintiri, the party has to rebrand and reorganise itself.

“Part of the consequences of what has happened is APC trying to rebrand itself in our state. And definitely, we will learn our lessons from what has happened in the last four years.

“We will rebuild our party, we will reorganise our party with the belief that even those in our party who probably misadvise the governor or probably advised him wrongly whether deliberately or not, would have learned their lesson and will now be able to rebuild a party that am sure definitely, we will reclaim our mandate in 2023. This I am very sure of,” he added.

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