Affected building

Scores of persons has been reportedly injured after a three storey building collapsed at East Street by Park Road, in Aba, Abia State.

This incident happened to after a prolonged heavy downpour on Monday at the commercial city of the state.

The building was said to have been under construction.

According to an eye witness, the building which was under finishing touches collapsed leaving many persons around it seriously injured with one among said to have lost one of his leg during the incident.

No life was lost, but several persons were reportedly injured.

one among said to have lost one of his leg during the incident.

The building collapsed from three to the first floor leaving only the down part of it during the heavy rain around 11pm on Monday night.

Sources in the area are alleging that the building may have been poorly constructed using inferior materials which may not be suitable to carry the weight of what was been put in place there.

It was also learnt that those injured in the  collapsed building were security guards who work for some traders that make use of the down part of the building as warehouse and other persons who use there as temporary or emergency homes.

Kenechukwu Onyebuchi, a resident of the area who told our reporter that he witnessed the collapse, said that most of the occupants of the building were later rushed to hospital after the building collapse leaving them injured.

“It happened around past 11pm last night. I was in my house over there when we heard heavy noise. Initially I thought it was the usual thing of a vehicle failing break and hitting a fence which we have become accustomed to here due to the sloppiness of this area. As you can see, it’s just not far from the Aba River.

“I later realized it was beyond that when I came out and started hearing noise of injured people crying aloud.

“We all rushed here, rescued the ones that were closer, but one was seriously trapped as one of his legs was held back by the collapsed pillars of the building.

“He hung on the exist probably trying to escape before the fallen pillar caught him. He bled profusely screaming in pains.

“We pulled him to no avail, we use hammer it failed until some person brought something lifting implement which helped us to lift the fallen debris off him, but that came so late as he has already lost that particular leg to Impact of that.

“Two hospitals rejected him that night until we got to a place in Okigwe Road that specializes in cases like that.

“This place is used as a warehouse by some traders while most Ghanaians leave here and also work as security for the warehouse.

“In my own view, I don’t think the building is that strong. Looking at the fallen blocks you can see it for yourself that this building is not strong enough.”

Meanwhile all efforts made to reach either the owner or the contractor was abortive as nobody around agreed to have their contacts or access to them.

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