The global Internet search giant Google has blocked 29 photo editing Apps from playstore, after discovering illegal activities from the Apps.

Google discovered that these apps redirect users to phishing websites, send them pornographic contents and steal their private pictures. Some of the apps also share malicious ads.

The gaint search engine banned these Apps from its Playstore after the problem was discovered. However, most of the apps have been downloaded over a million times especially in Asia with India standing out.

Banned Apps are as follows…

Pro Camera Beauty, Cartoon Art Photo, Emoji Camera, Artistic effect Filter, Art Editor, Beauty Camera, Selfie Camera Pro, Horizon Beauty Camera, Super Camera, Art Effects for Photo, Awesome Cartoon Art, Art Filter Photo, Cartoon Effect, Art Effect, Photo Editor, Wallpapers HD, Magic Art Filter Photo Editor, Fill Art Photo Editor, ArtFlipPhotoEditing, Art Filter, Cartoon Art Photo, Prizma Photo Effect, Cartoon Art Photo Filter, Art Filter Photo Editor, Pixture, Art Effect, Photo Art Effect, Cartoon Photo Filter.

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