Baby buried in Mud

The Nigerian police has arrested 27 year old Ashiru Abubakar, for allegedly burying his ne born baby alive at Jan-biri village in Birnin Kudu local government area. 

This incident was confirmed by the Police Command Public Relations Officer, Abdu Jinjiri.

According to Abdu, the accused who was married to Hussaina Yusuf, the mother of the newborn baby was arrested for burying his child alive. He said the couple got married three years ago and had ended their marriage a few months back but continued to see each other until the estranged wife took in for another child.

The Police Public Relations Officer explained that the incident happened othe n first day of February when the accused got the information that his ex-wife had given birth.

He said the accused sneaked in the night and entered the house and took the baby dug a shallow grave and buried the baby alive.

The police in the area got the report when the mother of the newborn baby and a good Samaritan raised the alarm the following day and police immediately swung into action and succeeded in rescuing the baby alive after spending two days in a grave.

He explained that the newborn baby was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. He said police are still investigating the matter and the accused will be changed to court immediately after the investigation.

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