This month Newspadi is giving away N5,000 to her lucky active readers every week.

Newspadi is a news media website that focuses on telling the Nigerian narratives and happening around the eastern part of Nigeria.

Despite our hard work in transforming the way Aba city and the entire eastern part of Nigeria is portrayed to positive, we have also chosen to appreciate our fans, readers and critics with the sum of N5,000 weekly as a medium of saying thank you for reading our blog all these years. Sincerely, we are truly grateful.

Who We Are

Abacityblog, a parent media company of Newspadi has so far been operating as a major driver of talents and entrepreneurial growth in Aba through its TV platform “I rep my street”.

How to win

In other to stand a chance of winning our weekly 5k giveaway;

1. Actively visit everyday
2. Actively visit everyday
3. Comment and share every post on Abacityblog Facebook page

Winners will be selected at random weekly.

Got a story? send it to us via email



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