Ikechukwu Iroha.

Surprising, Acho Obioma has regained strength after suffering defeat for a second consecutive time. This time, his outing was thwarted at an embryo stage by Hon. Nkechi Nwogu who seamlessly knocked him out of the stage at primary level. It could be devastating when one’s talking powers could not translate to delegate votes. So amazing, Acho has summoned courage to talk about politics in Abia.

Let me quickly remind him that Abians have not forgotten how he cornered money meant for Ariam Usaka ring road though he is in a political party where looters are shielded with a sound welcome party.

Its good that he has graduated from telling lies to becoming an Ngwa spokesperson from Umuahia, to know what Ngwa thinks about their Son Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu who has performed exceeding well to automatically merit a victory in the coming governorship election.

I listened to Mr Obioma’s press release, considering how uncoordinated and childish he sounded, I thought it was a fourteen (14) year old boy playing and fondling the mic to impress some onlookers but alas, I was listening to a certain Mr Acho Obioma whose inordinate ambition at going to the red chamber was recently dealt a heavy blow.

Is it not shameful that APC despise governor Ikpeazu of PDP who has brought honour to Abia through his numerous people oriented policies and achievements that have earned him national and global recognitions. Their party man and Vice President Prof.Yemi Osibanjo once confessed that Ikpeazu is an innovative leader. In his words, “Each time I visit Abia, I see something new, something different and something innovative. I am proud of Governor Ikpeazu and the passion he brings to governance. Perhaps, the greatest thing he has done, in my view, is the wonderful collaboration he engineers between the federal government and Abia State”. Mr Obioma and his co-travelers should note that Prof Osibanjo is not in their league of bitter politicians who criticize to be called when food is ready.

That he joined band of liars who enjoy impoverishing our people through their open support for cattle colony, Fulani herdsmen, land grabbing, all in attempt to impress their pay masters, is not surprising to some of us who can remember how Mr Obioma used Chomen Construction Company to syphon fund set aside to link various communities in Umuahia through road networks.

I have it on good authority that another subsidy money has landed, to be counted to share in the national cake, Mr Obioma must show workings by criticizing Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu who is working tirelessly to right the wrongs perpetrated in Abia State by his new found lovers who are now in his party to seek asylum and get protections from persecution.

He should not forget that one day, the greatest subsidy fraud and Okirika money laundering will be revisited.

If in the past years Mr Obioma never saw reasons to call anyone a failure while Aba, the commercial capital of Abia State, was rotting away, he has lost the right to sit in judgement against the three year old administration of Governor Ikpeazu that is spreading development across the state including construction of Aba road with a grade A construction company, massive Erosion control at Umuagu-Isingwu, Agbama ring roads etc.

It is a known fact that Mr Obioma never believed that an Ngwa man could become a Governor of Abia State going by the way he is working so hard to talk ill against equity that has fostered unity, peaceful coexistence and equal distribution of wealth.

At the poll, Nde Ngwa will answer him and his likes by voting massively for their son who has brought dividends of good governance to bear in Abia. Never will they allow someone who can’t manage his personal business use Abia money to enrich their large appetite at the detriment of Abia people.

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