By Peter Ejirika

The period of physical hostilities between Nigeria and Biafra ended in 1970 and immediately the period of the Cold War was ushered in and its psychological impacts are far reaching.

I wish to reiterate that freedom fighting is synonymous with the term Cold War and all Biafrans ought to understand that Nigeria and Biafra are presently engaged in a cold war until Jubril with the code name Buhari acquiesces to Biafra’s demand for a Referendum.

So, all Biafrans should be educated in freedom fighting, civil rights agitation or cold war participation. From my perspective, as a student of war history, most of our disagreements or disputes stem from our inability to understand that we are still at war with Nigeria but at a different dimension, i.e. Cold War Base.

Cold War implies fighting with all psychological weapons at one’s disposal with the avoidance of bloodshed, for instance the Nigerian Government is fighting Biafra with the Yoruba dominated Press and at the cessation of hostilities in 1970, the Nigerian Government coined the slogan, no victor, no vanquished, in order to inflict maximum psychological mass destruction on the Biafran Survivors and this strategy was buttressed by the implementation of the Awolowo’s Twenty Pounds Hypothesis and by the gross denial of Ibo Identity by Onitsha Indigenes.

According to Biblical Literature, honor should be adduced to whom honor is due, to this end I will pause and appreciate Freedom Fighters Group known as the Indigenous People of Biafra for their marvelous and magnificent psychological pain on Jubril with the code name Buhari of Nigerian Aso Rock.

Biafra recognizes your effort and more of such pains are needed to compensate for our twenty pounds and some should be directed at Obasanjo for using rape as a weapon of war in Owerri between 1969 and 1970 and to Danjuma for killing his boss.

Finally, Biafrans should boycott the 2019 Elections for the very reason that we are fighting a Cold War with Nigeria.

Pilot Officer Peter Ejirika
Veteran of the Amphibian Battle of Bonny

Op-Ed: Words and expression used in this article are solely that of the author and does not represent the opinion policy of NEWSPADI.COM

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