Biafra Flag

By Comrade Ibeh Ikenna

1). Nigeria belongs to Nigerians and she is going nowhere…Let say NO to BIAFRA

2). Nnamdi Kanu is an Instrument to Nigeria division, and he needs to be stopped by all human and mental possibility.

3). IGBOs didn’t fought the civil war, Ojukwu and his misled boys did…

4). Nigerians beware of this person(s), Fani Kayode, Ayo Fayose, Asari Dokubo, Nnamdi Kanu…, those are the real enemies of Nigeria and they are more than enough to break up this country with words and actions.

5). In a secret meeting in River State, I overheard Asari Dokubo said this, my Elders I greet you all, I am supporting BIAFRA, because is going to be too easy to secede and have our own country (Niger Delta Republic) and the crude oil, all to ourselves, after the world might have given the Igbos “Biafra”…and they all laughed and geared eachother…this is a conspiracy against Ndigbos !

6). IGBOs talks about two things on why, they want to leave Nigeria and which is Injustice and Marginalisation. I don’t agree with that because every Nigerians faces injustice but in terms of marginalisation, Igbos are most favoured.

70. Igbos has benefited much in Nigeria than any other tribe except for one, and which is, the sit of the presidency, you know why?, Nigerians don’t trust an IGBO man for that honor, for fear of secession, because I, for one cannot vote for an igbo man, but if needs be for that, to save our country, Rochas Okorocha is most worthy…

8). The peace and unity of this great country, Nigeria, rest on the shoulder of every Nigerians. Let take up such responsibility and save Nigeria from sinking.

9). You can decide not to participate in politics but you cannot run away from its effect.

10). Biafra Agitation is a political issue, and it’s solution ought to be political.

I will challenge Israel, Nnamdi Kanu and those felt the unity of ‘Nigeria is not Needed, for a debate…

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