Orji Kalu
Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu

As reactions continue to trail the bail revocation of the former Governor of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu the SouthEast Unity Forum have also condemned the pronouncement by Justice Idris.

In a statement signed by its secretary Mazi Izuchukwu Okorie they described the judgment as a clear outcome of a top connivance.

The full statement read :

We the members of the SouthEast Unity Forum (SUF), met and unanimously condemned in totality, the judgement of Muhammed Idris, where he retracted the bail conditions of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, former governor of Abia State.

The retraction pronouncement which was made by Justice Idris is a clear case of politically instigated judgement to crumble Kalu in his political and business life.

Before venturing into politics, Kalu was a renowned international businessman, whose businesses cut across several countries of the world. And up till today, he is still waxing stronger in his business life.

We have not forgotten in a hurry, how former president Obasanjo effortlessly tried to kill Kalu’s businesses in Nigeria. Though, he (Obasanjo) succeeded in futility to send Slok Air packing out of Nigeria, but Kalu was not deterred, as he made a swift decision to rescue his business. We are seeing this retraction pronouncement as clear outcome of a top connivance of the gathering of his political foes and traducers.

This Justice Idris’s decision obviously amounts to burying a sick man who is yet to be pronounced dead by a medical doctor. It is a carefully planned and calculated target, not just to humiliate him politically, but also to destroy his businesses across the length and breath of the world.

SUF is sending a strong worded appeal to Justice Idris, to reconsider this judgement, which is obviously riddled with bitterness, hate and biasness.

Besides, he was elevated as Supreme Court Justice some months ago; so, his refusal to grace the elevation by leaving the high court is a clear indication that he has a sinister mission to accomplish in the lower court.

We are appealing to him in the spirit of fairness and equity, and also, for the sake of our country, to do the needful now. We cannot continually be setting bad judicial precedence in our nation’s judiciary system.

Kalu is one of our own, we will not only stand by him, but also stand with him until true justice is served in this case. And hopefully, by the grace of God, he will come out triumphantly clean and strong.

Chief Jonathan Udeze, Chairman

Mazi Izuchukwu Okorie, Secretary

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