IPOB Members in Ezza LGA of Ebonyi State

The trading activities were paralyzed today at Nnewi and environs as a result of the closure of market by the traders of Nnewi protesting over the arrested members of the market during Police/IPOB clash.

According to news report, correspondents has it that over eight major markets in Nnewi were closed, involving about 10,000 traders protesting in the streets of Nnewi.

The traders had demanded the unconditional release of their members and insisted that those labelled to be pro IPOB group were only ‘genuine market traders’.

The chairman of the spare parts dealers association who lead journalists to the arrested members shops  said the arrested traders could not have been involved in the fracas, saying the location of the fracas was not close to the market.

He said: “The place the protest took place is far from the market. In order to ensure the fracas doesn’t escalate to the market, we the executive closed down all entrances leading to the market while our members continued their business.

“Suddenly, we saw a combined team of police and the army who broke the gate of the bank in the market and started beating our members. They arrested both masters and their apprentices.

“We quickly rushed to the Area command where we made a complaint but the Area Command turned down our complaint, saying we will put him in trouble.

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