Tech Entrepreneur Training Academy
Our Tech Entrepreneur Training Academy is Africa’s First CTO Focused Software Development Coding Bootcamp, launching in the cities of Lagos, Calabar, Abia, Nigeria.

It is of no doubt that the growth rate of technology in the world today is far beyond what we humans can envisage. Technology has forced itself into every aspect of human life especially in businesses. Technology is now a main part of human life and research study shows that entrepreneurs into tech are more likely to make things happen.

Well, there are greater number of people who are passionate about technology and have dreams to implement the great idea in them of which most end up not achieving the dream.

This is always as a result of not having an opportunity to be trained in order to strongly develop the ideas in them. Idea without skills would surely amount to nothing. In other to help entrepreneurs with passion for tech accomplish their dream, the team of Tecmie lauched TETA,Tech Entrepreneur Training Academy

For over 4 years now, Tecmie has worked with entrepreneurs and startups in various niches to scale, build and launch their platforms, in continuation of their amazing skill and growth development program for entrepreneurs, they are introducing a great bomber offer which entails extensive development of entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their technology skills.

Below are the features of the Bootcamp, which is contained in a statement sent to ABACITYBLOG.

Tech Entrepreneur Training Academy

1). About the program

TETA is a project based software development coding bootcamp in Nigeria that offers passionate tech entrepreneurs the opportunity of kick starting their visions and develop the tech ideas in them.

It is a 16 weeks Intensive Coding/Project Development Boot-camp where trainees would receive comprehensive training across the spectrum of skills required to build a successful tech startup. Our development program are in 3 steps and they include:

  1. Web development fundamentals which entails UI prototyping, HTML, CSS and Javascript, SVN, OPP and functional programming with client-side Javascript frameworks.
  2. Project planning and core programming which entails project planning, SCRUM and Agile, Phython and Flask, Django, including web security and mobile & web optimization.
  3. Project setup and launch which entails hackathon and product demo, deploy and launching of software with business and community development.

2). How it works

In TETA, our training strategy is project-based. We iterate through project plans, strategize and build while you learn. We give our students projects to work on while we have our Hackers in Residence (HIR) in place, looking to assist any trainee encountering any issue or development roadblocks. We train in Javascript and Phython with the use of the project-based learning approach which help our trainees;

  • Build professional profile & portfolio
  • Have knowledge of how to plan software lifecycles and software architecture for any project, and
  • Learn user interface and UX

In addition, our training is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) focused where you’ll be trained to assume the position of the CTO of any startup upon conclusion of your training. Contact us today to enroll for this amazing development program and have your tech idea turned into greater thing.

3). How to enroll

The best way to go about this is by applying for our comprehensive program. Application is quite easy. Stage one application is open at our official website where you would be required to take an aptitude test. Later on, there would be a one on one interview with their experts.

There are only 20 LIMITED SLOTS, to allow us give the best to every cohort member, to ensure they learn the necessary skills required to launch their own Tech Startup.


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