Israel Kalu
Israel Kalu

#IRepMyStreet – an acronym of “I Represent My Profession” powered by Abacityblog has released the 4th edition of its show. This time, an Aba based fashion designer, Israel Kalu was featured.

Mr. Kalu, a professional fashion designer, during the interview revealed that being a tailor was a dream job and not as a result of unemployment.

He further recalled how he started the profession, according to him, in the early stages, he did not take it seriously, until he realized that this is exactly what he wants to do in life.

Showcasing his latest designs, Israel Kalu, opined the need Nigerians/Africans should patronise home made wears. He stressed that by so doing, the world will know the ingenuity that lies beneath Africans.

He said; “Come and patronise us, we make good wears, great designs that will make you come back for more. I’m dedicated to this job and it’s a dream job”.

“I got my designs, especially from dreams, yes! from dreams and I’m not hiding it”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, just like Israel Kalu, #IRepMyStreet previous (3rd) edition featured a lady shoemaker, Anastasia Uzodinma, who is so much dedicated to her work and she said a lot on why she choose shoe making as career. [You can watch the video here]


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