Conduct a referendum to decide a way forward - Igbo Diaspora urges Nigeria govt

Group known as “Igbo World Assembly”, (IWA) in diaspora has called on the Nigeria government and international community to set up a mechanism to conduct a referendum in order to decide the way forward in Nigeria.

In a statement jointly signed by Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, President, United States’ chapter and Chief Oliver Nwankwor, Secretary General, Netherlands’ chapter, respectively  The group also called on Nigeria government to implement the 2014 national confab in order to save the country from being collapsed.

This would foster industrial development and competition among regions instead of the current docile nature of a majority of states as presently constituted.

“Nigeria needs to implement the National confab report, which recommended equity in state creation within the geo-political zones,” the group said, noting that the quit notice declaration was made by a sponsored group with primary intent to steal and suppress the legitimate grievances of others and their inherent right to self-determination.

“The continued agitation of Igbo youths across the country, according to IWA is a by-product of persistent injustice and marginalization arising from bad leadership and unjust structure of the country’s polity.

IWA said a Nigeria of equal ownership is the only way forward to save the situation.

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