marc wabara
Sir Marc Wabara

By Comr Kelvin Ezedimbu

The questions, “Who is Sir Marc Wabara” has been thrown severally when people mention the name, whenever the issue Abia South Senatorial representative, come 2019 comes up.

To answer that question is to take a trip into the life of a simple, highly polished technocrat who’s Curriculum Vitae speaks volume. A man with a high profile in the financial world, a man that integrity is his watch word, a man that is not only sincere at heart, but sincerity is his watch word in whatever he does.

That’s the sincere answer to the question about the person of Sir Marc Wabara, who hails from Ohambele in Ukwa East L.G.A of Abia South and was the former Managing Director of then Hallmark bank, a financial institution he took to a greater heights before it got caught up with the banking consolidation policy.

“It’s on record that Sir Wabara through his position in the banking sector helped a lot of Ukwa/Ngwa youths in particular, Abians in general to gain employment into the financial sector. And, today he’s proud that many have risen to occupy prominent positions in the nation’s financial sector because hallmark bank as a national bank helped a lot through financial assistance to run their businesses.

This is exactly what he’s heading to the Senate to continue, leveraging on his position to uplift his people, which is what quality representation in the Senate is all about. Sir Marc Wabara made himself available because, this type of quality representation has been inadequate in the past several years. He simply felt uncomfortable about the high level of unemployment among the Ukwa Ngwa people and decided to step out once more to render selfless service to his people.

“He is exactly the type of quality representative Abia South needs now, because Sir Marc Wabara is someone that is committed towards social and human development. He is a down to earth man which humility runs through his veins.

“Most importantly, he will do his best for the people because he’s a man of humility and also one that respect humanity. At this point in time, Abia South needs a leader like him because he’s someone that knows what the masses are passing through. Sir Wabara represent the type of effective senator Abia south needs now.

Going by his track record, Sir Marc Wabara was just being his honest self, when in an interaction with some press men, he said, “Please in comparing me with other Contestants/Aspirants I will like my work to speak for me, because I am a Christian and I believe in transparency, fairness and equity. Most importantly we have no doubt in our mind that he will do his best by joining his colleagues to make quality law in the senate that will favour the nation.

As a man that has seen it all, Sir Marc believes he simply felt that no amount of wealth one acquires today in this planet earth will leave with us when our Heavenly maker call on us.

To deepen his commitment towards serving the people, Sir Marc Wabara have made a vow in Abia South to salvage the zone, if elected as senator in 2019 to represent them in the red chamber.

He deserves Abia South voters support because this is a man that believes in the welfare and well being of everybody especially the less privileged and the poor, for Sir Marc Wabara is a God fearing leader.

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