Create a wow impression using your voice

Singers are a very special kind of musicians. While guitar players, drummers, and pianists rely on their physical instruments, singers have their tool inside them. Maintaining its quality is a special task.

Of course, it makes a difference if you’re a classical singer or a pop singer or no singer at all.

Here are some ways you can take care of your voice and get the best out of it:

First you have to take good care of your health to improve your voice:

How might one take care of the health as regards your voice? Well, you can do that in different ways which includes:

  • Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. The membranes which produce the sound function best when hydrated.
  • Whenever the throat feels scratchy, stay silent and let your voice rest.
  • When having a cold, try not to sing. Drink some tea, eat cough candy and be quiet instead.
  • Quit smoking if you want your voice to be better. Smoke damages your lungs and throat. You don’t need it for the smoky voice either

Secondly, if you are having cracks while singing songs then you will need to warm up before singing.

how do you warm up?

A set of exercises which prepares the voice and body for singing or speaking. It includes the following: How deep or high you start, depends on the type of your voice. Make sure to warm up both, the chest and head voices.

Just like every other workout, you need to train your voice daily. A short daily practice will make your vocal cords stronger. Day by day, your voice will become better. If you can afford, try to sing for a couple of hours daily.

Take care before important gigs and auditions: Don’t overdo the night before. You need your voice smooth and rested when performing. Better sing just a little the day before.

Respect your limits and choose songs you are capable of singing. When exercising, choose something a little challenging but manageable. For performances and auditions, it’s even more important to stick to pieces you’ll manage.

One other important tip is that of food. Someone who wants to improve his/her voice also needs to take care of diet.

In general, you want to make sure that you eat enough to fill you up, but not so much that you’re feeling too full and therefore bloated or nauseous. Give yourself a balanced meal with protein to keep you going, and simple carbs to boost your energy level.

Fresh food is always better for your voice than processed food. Anytime you can pick fresh fruits or veggies over processed or prepared versions, go for it.

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