The Aba Hackathon Challenge will kick off on 14-16th March, 2018 – in the city of Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State.

Proudly sponsored by TBWA, Ford Foundation, Proudly Made In Aba and #StartUpSouth – in collaboration with the Abia State Government.

Check out below the ten selected contestants:

1). Dappa Mapel (Founder of Fayples)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Dappa Mapel (Founder of Fayples)

Maple’s idea is to introduce standard operational procedures in the garment cluster of Aba as it affects finishing, delivery, consistency, production quantity and distribution.

2). Onwuegbule Charles Uche (Founder of Chantrade)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Onwuegbule Charles Uche (Founder of Chantrade)

Uche’s idea is to expand Aba’s foreign presence in other international markets by connecting manufacturers in Aba to other wholesalers outside the country.

3). Chukwueke Tochukwu. C (Founder, Clintonel)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Chukwueke Tochukwu. C (Founder, Clintonel)

Tochukwu’s idea is to boost productivity in the fabrication cluster by solving problems of poor finishing of products and poor time management through the introduction of advanced digital software.

4). Emodi Chidinma (founder, Footwear Academy)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Emodi Chidinma (founder, Footwear Academy)

Chidinma’s idea is to revolutionize the leather sector in Aba by introducing advanced industrial processes and support services that will empower local footwear craftsmen in Aba.

5). Eyo Wisdom (Clintonel)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Eyo Wisdom (Clintonel)

Wisdom’s idea is to facilitate industrial growth in the leather sector and reduce production cost by implementing digital softwares that will improve business operation in Aba.

6). Uchechukwu Ogechukwu (Greenage)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Uchechukwu Ogechukwu (Greenage)

Uchechukwu’s idea is to boost productivity in Aba by using other energy sources to solve the power problems in Aba.

7). Gabriel Ezeh (Touchabl)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Gabriel Eze (Touchabl)

Gabriel’s idea is to use artificial intelligence to develop a platform that will enable businesses in Aba to be discovered online and for customers to take measurements and make transactions with Aba craftsmen on line.

8). Uwakeme Tochukwu (founder, KemResource)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Uwakeme Tochukwu (founder, KemResource)

His idea is to use waste recycling technology to develop renewable energy sources that will provide constant power in Aba.

9). Oriuwa Chijioke (Tailors Direct)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Oriuwa Chijioke (Tailors Direct)

His idea is to digitize bulk ordering and the supply management system in the garment cluster of Aba which will enable Aba men trade globally and expand their foreign presence.

10). Obafor Chima (Ogwugo)

Aba Hackathon Challenge
Obafor Chima (Ogwugo)

His idea is to create the next level of downstream exchange by solving the problem of exporting bulk products from Aba such as shoes, fabric and other locally produced goods.

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